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Extruders Extruding machines applied to versatile precision rubber products. We line up 3 types, cold feed, vent and pin types.

Multiplex Extruders

Multiplex Extruders Multiple ply extrusion units serve the tire industry for higher quality and higher performance tires. We crystallized our year-long expertise and technology here.

Roller Head Units

Roller Head Units Extrusion units with a calender best for production of inner-liners, rubber sheets or belts. The system is customized in accordance with applications or needs.

Extruder Interface Technology

Extruder Interface Technology We line up peripheral equipments such as non-grip bead winder, JLB system, high-speed tread skiver and etc.

Extruder Head Types

Extruder Head Types We line up numbers of types of extrusion heads complying with various applications and needs.

Combination Of Extruder And Gear Pump

Optimized when you use compounds difficult to process. Our gear pump can realize production of the highest level quality products.

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