Privacy Policy

Based on the following policy, Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. attempts to protect all personal information of the users, known through this website.

1. Control

To prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, leak or other misuse of personal data that can identify individuals, including name, data of birth, gender, age, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation and company name registered or described by the users, Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. implements appropriate and reasonable information security measures.

2. Disclosure

Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. never discloses the personal information of the users to any third parties, other than the parties for shared use and the entities to which it will consign activities, except the following cases:

3. Collection/Elimination

When a user needs to verify, correct or eliminate his or her personal information held by Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd., the user may inquire us.

4. Coverage/Review

This privacy policy is only applied to this website operated by Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd., but not applied to any other website it links. When our privacy policy is altered, we corrects and updates this page to let you know it.

5. Inquiry

For inquiries concerning this privacy policy or our personal information protection activity, please contact Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd.

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