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Join us on a journey into the future of rubber technology.

Every day, all of us use numerous products made of rubber, which are indispensable to our contemporary way of life. Among them are tires for trucks and automobiles, belting, hoses, gloves, and innumerable other items. The list goes on and on, from golf balls, tennis balls and other sports equipment, to rubber dampers that protect buildings from earthquakes, and parts for all types of high-tech equipment. As history progresses, so does the growth in the number of fields where rubber plays a vital role.

Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Kobe, the cradle of the Japanese rubber industry, in 1914, the year World War I began. Since then, we have focused solely on designing and manufacturing specialized production machinery for our customers in the rubber industry. In 2014, Nakata Engineering attained the 100th anniversary. We believe that this monumental moment was made possible thanks to supports and favors of our great customers. We will be pleased to continue helping them achieve greater efficiency, standardization, and quality control of their products.

The 100th anniversary is just one of our milestones. Our eyes oversee the following 100 years. We will keep working out with the customers for a series of numerous technical breakthroughs, and pioneering a future of the rubber technology. We, Nakata Engineering, are committed to make a contribution to society and to people everywhere with a highest spirit of the master at manufacturing.


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